On receipt of application for affiliation, the Chairman shall appoint one or more inspection teams to visit the schools. These inspection teams shall visit the schools as per directions issued by the Board authorities so that the reports may be received in the Board. On receipt of reports, the Chairman pass orders for rejecting/granting affiliation on the basis of report of the team and screening committees if satisfied or may make such further inquiry as he may deem necessary.

  1. The privately managed institutions shall submit with the application form detailed plans of the existing structure and facilities available with the school and also the names & qualifications of the staff proposed to be engaged in the school along with consent letters of such persons an fees as prescribed by the Board from time to time.
  2. The Board shall convey the objections, if any, raised by the inspection team(s)/screening committees to the school(s) by registered post within 15 days thereafter
  3. The School(s) shall submit the application(s) after removing the objections after the competent authority shall pass orders on the application for affiliation. No school shall admit any student unless it is affiliated to Board.
  4. While granting the affiliation the Board shall specifically state that affiliation is granted for particular classes and for particular streams especially for class 10+2. The Board shall, keeping in view the facilities available (including laboratory facilities) in the school, specify the maximum number of students who should be admitted to a particular class or subject or stream.
  5. The school granted affiliation shall depict the affiliation number on its official stationery and a copy of the affiliation letter shall be conspicuously displayed on the notice board of the school. This certificate/document should reflect not only the affiliation granted, it should clearly state that affiliation is granted for particular classes and streams. This document shall also clearly mention the maximum number of students that can be admitted in each class and in each subject.
  6. The school shall submit list of students class-wise, subject-wise and stream-wise to the Board of the concerned year. This shall be the last date of admission and no admission shall be normally granted thereafter. With late fees, in special cases the school may grant admission
  7. The affiliation shall be granted only after all the facilities such as buildings, laboratories, classrooms are complete and not before completion of the facilities.
  8. The school shall within 15 days of the commencement of the academic year send complete information to the Board with regard to the staff, which has actually been recruited, names of the members of the staff along with qualifications, photographs etc. In case any teacher resigns or his/her services are terminated, within 15 days thereof, the school shall inform the Board of such fact and shall also inform the Board of the fresh teacher appointed in his/her place.

The composition of the Committee shall be decided by the Chairman.

The Officers/team shall prepare its report in writing based on its observations and inquiry.

The report mentioned in regulation shall be placed before the Chairman for consideration who may grant provisional affiliation/reject or accord permanent affiliation on merits according to the norms to be laid down by the Board.

The competent authority shall pass final orders regarding the granting/rejecting an application as a hole or in parts or pass any other order deemed fit by it. While granting affiliation the competent authority shall specify the examination, subjects and the period for which affiliation has been / is granted.

The provisional affiliation subject to fulfilment of certain conditions within stipulated period, may be granted for one year in the first instance and the same may be extended on year to year basis or for five years at a time or at the discretion of the competent authority for granting periodical/permanent affiliation the institution must have been provisionally affiliated with this Board for a period of not less than five years.

Please download the affiliation form here.